AIS Engine 3

The AIS Engine is supplied with a copy of SeaClear chart software, a trial version of Software on Board, a data cable to connect to the 9 pin serial port of a PC and a 12 volt power cable.

The AIS Engine and a conventional marine VHF antenna are all you need to start plotting vessels on your PC. The SeaClear software runs in windows 98, 95, ME, XP, 2000 and NT, it includes a world map on which vessels are plotted. Any vessel on the screen can be selected and its AIS data displayed. This includes the vessel’s name, MMSI number, position, call sign, destination etc. Also included on the AIS Engine is an optional input for a GPS (RMC sentence). With the GPS connected, the users own vessel is shown on the chart with its latitude and longitude displayed in a window.

Price $315.00

Product Description

The AIS Engine unit can receive ships on either the A or B AIS channels. In default setting it alternates between the two channels.The AIS Engine can also be used with plotters such as Raymarine C and E series or other PC software that has an AIS facility. Check compatibility with your software supplier. An NMEA input at 38,400 baud is required to accept the VDM AIS strings corresponding to ITU-1371. If Your PC does not have a spare 9 pin serial port a low cost serial to USB converter is available as an optional extra.

The AIS Engine requires a computer and software (supplied) along with 12 volt power, a marine VHF antenna and a GPS input to function.

Technical Specifications

  • All available AIS messages relayed
  • VDM encapsulation string conforming to ITU-1371
  • NMEA RMC from GPS

Various receiver parameters are factory preset but can be altered from the PC if software is available.


Additional Information


Receives both class A and class B

Operating Frequencies

162.025 and 161.975 mHz

Supply Voltage

10 to 16 volts DC

Supply Current


Antenna Input

50ohm BNC

Data Connector

9 pin 'D' type


115 x 100 x 30mm

Output Format

NMEA 0183 (38400 Baud)

PC AIS Radar Software CD 

Use with the AIS Engine to show AIS vessels on a radar like screen on your PC. The PC AIS software in conjunction with the AIS Engine provides all the benefits of the popular AIS radar.

Up to 30 vessels are continuously plotted on the screen in either absolute or relative mode. Any target can be selected and the relevant AIS data displayed.

  • North and Head up
  • Vessels are coloured to show their status
  • User position can be set manually from GPS
  • Ranges 1/2, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 Nautical miles
  • Variable screen update
  • Range alarm
  • Windows 98 to 7 compatible

Software on Board version MAX introduces the latest electronic charting capabilities from C-Map MAX Charts: Perspective Views, Animated Navigation Lights, more Tidal Stations, real time Current display and embedded photographs are included to assist the navigator. SOB is on a free 6 months trial basis and is recommended for windows 2000 or XP.