Clipper Navtex

The Clipper Navtex is the culmination of over 20 years of experience in manufacturing Navtex instruments. The compact display unit will grace any instrument panel with its sharp high contrast liquid display.

Standard features of the receiver include 518 & 490kHz message reception and a non volatile program memory – If your boating is confined to one particular area, then you need program the unit only once. Though it will of course receive every station worldwide if necessary.

Price $640.00


For the best possible night viewing the unit boasts a white backlight that is actuated automatically when programming, a single key press will turn it on and off when reading the messages. Additionally, a built in timer for the light is included to save power when not needed. The antenna at just 19.5 cm high can be easily mounted at deck level to receive the Navtex low frequency signals.

Technical Specifications
• Non volatile program memory
• 518 & 490 kHz operation with programmable channel switching
• Compact panel mount display (stirrup mount bracket available)
• Large letters for easy viewing
• Built in real time spectrum analyser
• Very high contrast display with white backlight
• Power save auto timer on backlight
• Signal quality indicator and message error counter
• Active micro antenna: H-195mm & 7m cable
• Optional rail mount bracket

Additional information


50mA at 12V (100mA with backlight)

Display Unit

150mm (L) x 112mm (H) x 42mm (D)

Supply Voltage

Nominal 12 Volt