Stingray Depth Sounders

The Stingray Echo Sounders come in a slimline case with an easy to read extra bright LED display on a 4 inch dial. They both have a dual audible alarms for shallow & deep water which can be set to give a reliable anchor watch. Both sounders can be set for two ranges either 1-25 metres or 1-100 metres, and are simplicity itself to operate.

They come complete with transducer and stirrup mounting bracket and only require connection to the ships 12 volt power supply.

Price $230-280.00


How They Work

Very simple, they make a noise and measure the echo. Knowing that sound travels at 144 metres a second through water allows us to calculate the depth by measuring the interval between the sound being made and the echo being heard. The NASA Stingray Echo Sounders have a transducer with high quality Lead Zirconate Titanate Piezodisc crystals which creates ultrasonic ‘sound’ pulses at a frequency of 150kHz (imperceptible to the human ear).┬áThese pulses pass through the water and bounce back of the bottom.

The returning echo pulse is then sensed by the transducer crystal. On these rotary flashing LED type sounders, a pulse is generated as the LED flashes at the 12 o’clock position . The rotor arm is calibrated to run at a speed whereby when it flashes on receiving the returned pulse this flash will be in the correct position on the dial to indicate the correct depth.

Style Options

  • Standard – This is the basic dual alarm, dual range unit with LED display unit
  • Twin – Dual alarm, dual range sounder with LCD depth readout in addition to the flashing LED display

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Standard, Twin


1 Kg (Including Transducer)

Supply Voltage

Nominal 12 Volts DC

Power Consumption


Power Output

100w + pulse

Oscillation Rate Range

A: 0-25, 37.5 pulses per second
B: 0-100, 7.5 pulses per second


Lead Zirconate Titanate Piezodisc wit 7 metres of cable

Operating Frequency