Target Compass

The Target range has achieved grate success since its launch in 1991 and has established itself as the UK market leader in low cost reliable cockpit instruments.

Much thought went into designing these instruments and that effort has paid dividends.

Price $360.00


There are more than 50,000 Target instruments in use worldwide, they have proved themselves as extremely durable products that belie their low cost.

* Fluxgate Compass Included. Fluxgate Compass – The compact fluxgate sensor is fully gimballed and supplied with 10 metres of cable. The unit is sealed to CFR-46 standard.


  • Large display
  • Simple operation
  • Fully gimballed sensor
  • 0 – 360 degrees with i degree resolution
  • Nine levels of adjustable damping

Additional information

Voltage Supply

Nominal 12 Volts DC

Fluxgate Accuracy

+/- 1 Degree


132mm x 98mm x 30mm


20mA + 10mA for Display Illumination